“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.” ―William Gibson  
“The street finds its own uses for things.” ―William Gibson  
“This should be interesting...”
"That cool factor is largely determined by how unique something is." -PBrain
Education Projects
  • TexasCoders.com: Learn how to code software applications from scratch. Weekend bootcamp in Round Rock, Texas.
  • Knowing Art: YouTube art education channel. In development: Abstract Painting Critiques, Creative Thinking.
  • Meditation Engine: YouTube meditation channel. Money From Meditations, Meditation Content Engine, Meditations For Writers, The Ultimate Learning Experience, Limitless Mental Attraction.

Software Projects
  • Chat App: chatroom prototype.
    - Crawlable, responsive chat app designed to scale.
    - Tap to change username with jQuery.
    - Custom backend supports unlimited chatrooms.
    - No login required, to increase engagement.
  • Frontend Sitemap: crawlable, responsive.
    Sorted by industry and frequency with time decay.
  • Beachmind.com: Pinterest-Instagram hybrid theme with infinite scroll for WordPress. Domain and theme are for sale, separately or together. Own the #beachmind meme/hashtag.

Tagging Project
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