Get the mindset to build something from nothing. See your software take shape.
I focus on your technology.
So you can focus on your business.
Lift your business above
your technology platform.
That cool factor is largely determined by how unique something is.
Active Projects
  • My Services
    Todo & Notes:
    / The new home for my services.
    / Private email servers with certificates.
    / New automation & infrastructure, more redundancy.
    / Flesh out the brochure content.
    / Document & reorganize DNS.
    / Needs favicon and business cards.
    / Explain benefits & republish to blogs.
    / Add some case studies & screenshots.
    / Remember to copy new anchor history code from to here. 
    / Consider switching from CentOS to Arch. 

Inactive Projects
  • Chat App: chatroom prototype.
    - Crawlable, responsive chat app designed to scale.
    - Tap to change username with jQuery.
    - Custom backend supports unlimited chatrooms.
    - No login required, to increase engagement.
  • Frontend Sitemap: crawlable, responsive.
    Sorted by industry and frequency with time decay.
  • Pinterest-Instagram hybrid theme with infinite scroll for WordPress. Domain and theme are for sale, separately or together. Own the #beachmind meme/hashtag.

Idea Phase
  • Test...
  • Test...
  • Test...

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